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Cool Photo Album images

A few nice photo album images I found:

Gun at Middle Head Port Jackson NSW
photo album
Image by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons
This image belongs to a photograph album relating to Edward Hungerford. The album contains images of shipping and street scenes around Sydney from the 1880s, most of which appear to have been taken by photographer Charles Bayliss.

The Australian National Maritime Museum undertakes research and accepts public comments that enhance the information we hold about images in our collection. If you can identify a person, vessel or landmark, write the details in the Comments box below.

Thank you for helping caption this important historical image.

ANMM Collection Gift from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
00013762 [15]

Dream Hog - The Suburbs
photo album
Image by ex_magician
A couple of my favorite album covers nailed onto the inside of my closet door.

(Not necessarily my favorite album - I said favorite album cover)

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