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My New-Found Calling, And My Entry Into The Photoshop Challenge #2
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Image by drp
After all of these weeks of intense soul searching, I had an epiphany as to where my creative future should lie. I came to the conclusion that I will do nothing but digital imaging assignments involving chickens/roosters/ducks merged with machinery from now on. It will be my own niche into the artistic realm of Photoshopography. I plan on renaming my account from "drp" to "fowl play" or "all clucked up," and display my works here for your review. I've always had a fond, personal affection for farm animals, and my love of all things mechanical is well-known by many. I call the pieces born of this unique process "Perdupes."

This is the first result of my new-found calling, which I have entitled "RoboCock vs. MechaniCareBear." I decided to include it into the second Photoshop Challenge as well, since the source materials fit in PERFECTLY with my affinity for the fusion of cocks and cogs.

So, why did the RoboCock cross the tracks?

To regenerate his fuel core with egg-shaped power cells lying in the cacto-scape, before they were stolen by the giant MechaniCareBear looming on the horizon.

Of course!

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