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Mass Graves

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Mass Graves
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Image by Stuck in Customs
This is the same desc as the next pic

When I was in Kharkov, Ukraine, my host drove me up to the Russian border where we visited these mass graves. It was very eerie. This is the site of the Katyn Massacre, where the Red Army executed over 20,000 Polish prisoners, many of whom were senior officers in the military that were captured in 1939.

Those who died at Katyn included an admiral, two generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 3,420 NCOs, seven chaplains, three landowners, a prince, 43 officials, 85 privates, and 131 refugees. Also among the dead were 20 university professors (including Stefan Kaczmarz); 300 physicians; several hundred lawyers, engineers, and teachers; and more than 100 writers and journalists as well as about 200 pilots. In all, the NKVD executed almost half the Polish officer corps.[1] Altogether, during the massacre the NKVD murdered 14 Polish generals. I got this information (and you can get more) at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_massacre

Martello Tower Pembroke Dock #dailyshoot # Wales
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Image by Leshaines123
Not really sure what this is but I do know its called a Martello Tower, taken in the mud of the estuary at Pembrole Dock in Wales. Striking feature always going to be monochrome, especially with the bleak grey skyline. Liked the depth to the image, and added some contrast to highlight some of the features of the building

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