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Nice Earth Image photos

Check out these earth image images:

Dodge City Wind Farm; Earth Day 2011
earth image
Image by Visualist Images
Earth Day Sunset; 2011.
It seemed quite apropos to be photographing these mammoth machines on Earth day. The only sound was the quiet whhhaaa..... whhhaaaa...whhaaaa.... as the giant blades turned above me. It was one of those awe inspiring moments that truly gives you hope.

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One Earth: Sidewalk to Curb to Street
earth image
Image by cobalt123
This is one of the options I had for my ONE-only image to add to the One Earth group pool. I like this one for transitions from sidewalk (with crack) to the curb at the street, the gutter area that fills with flash flood water during monsoons, and the heavily coated asphalt street. The image I settled on for the group pool is here.

WWF Earth Hour Hong Kong Volunteers _0137
earth image
Image by \!/_PeacePlusOne
Earth Hour - Hong Kong WWF

please visit the WWF Earth Hour Activity organizers site at www.wwf.org.hk/

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Photos Courtesy: McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce


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