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Nice Photo Album photos

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Not 365:65 - Best album of 2008: Carried to Dust by Calexico
photo album
Image by hebedesign
I rarely make lists of my favorite this and that. And we've already put 2008 a bit behind us. But while humming and whisteling along to Calexico's "Carried to Dust" album yesterday I thought "Damn, this was definitely my best musical buy in 2008!"

We also went to a Calexico concert last year, and it was amazing!

If you've never heard their music, you're missing out on something. Check out their website, see their photostream here on Flickr, listen to their music on www.last.fm/music/Calexico - or if you have access to the best music software of 2008, Spotify, you can check them out there as well!

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
photo album
Image by dhammza
Esta es una manía que tengo de siempre: rediseñar como a mi me de la gana las portadas de mis discos favoritos. Y esta serie será justamente eso, mi música revisitada en el mero ejercicio estético de combinar imagen y tipografía.
Todas las fotos son originales mías.

This is an obsession i have since ever: redesigning the way i wanted the covers of my favourite records. This series will be no more than that, my music revisited in just an aesthetic exercise combining images and typography.
All the photographies are mine.

Hook Edwardian family album #5
photo album
Image by whatsthatpicture
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