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Cool Photo On Canvas images

Some cool photo on canvas images:

photo on canvas
Image by Jill Clardy
This is a 16"x20" canvas print of one of my favorite images.

A few weeks ago I posted the image of Pigeon Point Lighthouse (see below in first comment box) and mentioned that I was going to have it printed on canvas. Several of my contacts asked to see the end result.

If you're like me, you've invested thousands of dollars in digital camera equipment and about a hundred bucks in actual prints..... I always mean to print some, just never get around to it.

It couldn't be easier: upload your image to canvasondemand.com, and wait for it to arrive on the front porch.

The quality of the finished product is excellent and it looks stunning hanging on my kitchen wall (whcih happens to be a complementary yellow shade).

See the images below for the details of the finished product.

I highly recommend the service.


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