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Rude Cow!

Some cool photo show images:

Rude Cow!
photo show
Image by foxypar4
The last of my cow portraits from this years County Show (and my personal favorite).

This Friday is the Dornoch Highland Gathering (Games), so weather permitting I will be out with my camera trying to capture big men in skirts throwing tree trunks around a field!

Cst. Bissonnette
photo show
Image by British Columbia Emergency Photography
Cst. Bissonnette, RCMP Surrey Detatchment.

Four Blades and One Seat
photo show
Image by Brave Heart
N-number : N451TB
Aircraft Serial Number : 44-11153
Aircraft Manufacturer : NORTH AMERICAN
Model : F-51D
Engine Manufacturer : PKRD-ROLL
Model : V1650 SERIES
Aircraft Year : 1944
Type of Owner : Corporation
Registration Date : 21-Feb-2001
Airworthiness Certificate Type : Experimental
Approved Operations : To show compliance with FAR

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