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Nice Image Sites photos

A few nice image sites images I found:

Communication to Space
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Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
Sunset and moon at Table Mountain Antenna Field Sites is an Area in Boulder County, Colorado. It has an elevation of 1,694 meters, or 5,558 feet. A 60-foot parabolic antenna used for radio propagation experiments in the troposphere. The Table Mountain facility is 6 miles north of Boulder. Boulder County Colorado. Photography. Compostire image. Fine art Colorado nature landscape photography By James Bo Insogna www.jamesinsogna.com/Photography/Sunrise-and-Sunsets/1470...

Site of a grim discovery
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Image by Michael C. Rael
In 1937, a great grandfather of mine, Miguel Francisco Barela, found a human corpse while hiking in the hills near his home. After contacting the authorities, and presumably well after the body was removed, my great grandfather returned to the site and carved into the rocks an account of his discovery.

The text in Spanish reads, "El 28 de Febrero de 1937 hallé yo Miguel F. Barela un cadáber humano." The english translation is "The 28th of February of 1937, I, Miguel F. Barela, found a human corpse."

Because the year became damaged, he carved the year in larger form on a separate surface. As well, he carved a cross at the exact location of the body. In large versions of this image, the cross is visible in the upper left quadrant just below where the sun is highlighting a rock face. The small cross appears distinctly in the shadow.

Generations of my family have learned the location of the carving simply by visiting the site, but I have geotagged this image to make its location known more precisely.

The tale of the discovery has faded somewhat over time, but the story as I remember it suggested that the body was that of a Native American.

The genealogy associated with me and my great grandfather is as follows:

I, Michael C. Rael (born 1969-04-06), am son of Christine I. Rael née Casias (born 1950-04-02) who is daughter of Crestina Casias née Barela (born 1922-07-25, died 1994-04-20) who was daughter of Miguel Francisco Barela (born 1888-05-09, died 1948-06-16).

To capture the three main elements of the site (cross, text, year) I had to use an ultrawide angle lens (14mm equivalent). This image is a high dynamic range (HDR) photo composed of seven individual images, each one 2/3 stop apart. Photo taken 2010-07-13, 73 years after the discovery.

IMG_20070828_0224 Wat Doi Kam
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Image by ol'pete
Seen at Wat Doi Kam, close to Chiangmai City at Hang Dong, sited above the Rachapruek showground.

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