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Cool Picture Framing images

Some cool picture framing images:

Papier mache frame
picture framing
Image by Kotomi_
I made this long time ago...
The base is corrugated cardboard. Using papier mache technique, I layered small pieces of news paper on it, and finished with black/white copy of medieval manuscript. Then, colours were added little bit and finished with antique coloured coat.
The picture was taken from "Die Minnesinger", one of 1960's German book series "Insel-Bucherei"

Rainbow passion.
picture framing
Image by Captured By Ciara
1x neewer 250di into brolly box and one 32" reflector on the other side triggered with poverty wizard, macro mode with my 35-70mm f4

Water drops on picture frame glass about 6 inches over my new bathing suit:) (its vintage it rocks)

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