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Mr. Bento Fun Swap: Spring 2007 [nadja.robot]

A few nice fun with photos images I found:

Mr. Bento Fun Swap: Spring 2007 [nadja.robot]
fun with photos
Image by amanky
I got my package of goodies from the Mr.Bento Fun Swap from nadja.robot (she got in at the last minute, I had already sent everyone's info out and reorganzined once, so I said I'd simply swap straight across with her!)

Again, the package arrived with some lovely/much-needed pick-me-up timing!
Strangely I was so distraught/reeling that even the excitement of a package wasn't much... but I am so appreciative of it all, and quickly came up with ideas of how & when to put stuff to use!

Thanks, Nadja, seriously... thanks!

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