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Nice Edit Photos photos

Check out these edit photos images:

Edited butterfly
edit photos
Image by eurleif
Playing around with an old effect on an old photo.

Aaron's AE86 [Re-Edit]
edit photos
Image by [SiK-photo]
Re-edit of a past photo of Aaron's AE86 I shot for CamberWear.net

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My editing setup
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Image by Hans Woltering
Here's my current photo and video-editing setup. Don't be fooled, because things look smaller than they are. What you see here is:
-MacBook Pro 17" with Anti-Glare screen
- Dell 2408WFP Monitor with PVA-panel
- Apple Wired Keyboard
- Apple Magic Mouse
- iPhone 3G with docking station

On the shelf:
- Some of my photogear
- some cd's

- Philips living colors, to represent the mood I'm in ;-)
- 1 of the 2 JBL ES-80 speakers.
- Self made desk

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