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Nice Image Website photos

Some cool image website images:

And yet another from Gray Whale Cove
image website
Image by Konvolinka Photography
Wow, my first Explored image. Thanks everyone!!

This is one of the first shots from last evening. So I once again had a one stop Neutral Density to get the slower shutter speed for the water motion and a 3 stop soft graduated ND for the sky. I also did some lightroom work with the white balance to bring up the sand, a little dodge and burn here and there but not too much.
.6 sec exposure, f/13, ISO 100 @ 13mm.
Anytime I add a filter with the GND setup I can only go as low as 13mm on the lens or I get some vignetting. (13mm = 20mm with the crop sensor)
Well, that's about it. Thanks for looking! Official website is Here.
If you are on Google+ feel free to add me to your photography circle +Michael Konvolinka

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