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Flash Gordon vs. Flash (149/365)
flash photo
Image by JD Hancock
Flash Gordon: Star quarterback of the New York Jets, vanquisher of Ming the Merciless, and savior of the universe.

Flash: Barry Allen, the super-speedster who sacrified himself to save the Earth from the evil Anti-Monitor.

If they had to fight, who would win?

#149 in the Duel 365 series.

Papa Flash
flash photo
Image by JustinJensen
Papa Flash, aka Harold "Doc" Edgerton, was a professor at MIT and is credited with bringing the strobe flash to the masses. In the foreground is the introduction to his book "Flash! Seeing the Unseen by Ultra High-Speed Photography" and beneath it lies "Electronic Flash, Strobe".

This photo is for my most recent student blog post Finding Focus, which is directed at MBA students and applicants but with a slant towards my photographic endeavors. I was searching for the photo and ran into a hall lined with photos from Doc Edgerton, a name that is familiar to the MIT community due to the dorm bearing his name. His legacy in imaging continues at MIT's Edgerton Center.

Ironically, no flash fired while capturing this image :)

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