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Nice Photo To Canvas photos

A few nice photo to canvas images I found:

photo to canvas
Image by jaroslavd
(best viewed on black)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Jules-Joseph Lefebvre
French, 1836–1912
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated (lower right): Jules LeFebvre. 1878.

From the museum’s description:

During the second half of his life, Lefebvre's meticulously executed portraits and paintings of nudes were regularly shown in the Paris Salons. He won many awards, including the prestigious Prix de Rome, three Salon medals, and the French Legion of Honor.

The American collector Catharine Lorillard Wolfe—who bequeathed to the Museum 143 pictures, including all of those hanging on this wall—commissioned "Graziella" in 1878. It depicts the Neopolitan fisherman's daughter who is the heroine of Alphonse de Lamartine's novel of the same name. A smoking Mount Vesuvius is visible in the background.

photo to canvas
Image by Emm Enn
11. January 2009

This image is crap.
whatever, I have to fulfill my 365 duty :D

I actually wanted to paint. but when I failed horribly I destroyed the canvas and thought I could use it for photos like this. whatever. Bad Mood D:

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