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Cool Change Background Image images

Some cool change background image images:

Advocacy Poster
change background image
Image by thewikiman
This is my hectoring library advocacy poster! The point is that if someone asks you about libraries and you don't give a good account of yourself and your profession, you aren't just abstaining, you're actually doing damage.

Let's change people's perceptions. Put this poster up online! Feel free to use this where-ever and whenever, with attribution.

(Background image by Kandy: www.flickr.com/photos/mcviewty/4553702259/sizes/l/in/phot...

1 source tile from source-image
change background image
Image by PhotoComix_Mandala
Here i modify the source image to create the tile to be used to compose all other variants

How to is simple: the original layer was duplicated twice

Then 1 duplicate flipped vertically and his layer mode changed in "difference", that to create more complex and intricate effect as Background

The second duplicate on top was just set in
To "lighten Only"

That add all the lighten effect in the foreground

This was for illustrate this tutorial

change background image
Image by Bala K
Original here: www.flickr.com/photos/balubk/1972917617/

Sharpened it using a High Pass Sharpening technique I learned in our camera club. This works in photoshop. I haven't tried it in gimp.

1. Copy background image
2. Choose Filters -> Other -> High Pass
3. Select a suitable radius that shows the outline
4. Apply
5. Change the blending mode of the high pass layer to Overlay.
6. If you think you oversharpened, just reduce the opacity of the High Pass layer :)


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