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Cool Photo Gallery images

A few nice photo gallery images I found:

Best of the Best - a Gallery
photo gallery
Image by Raymond Larose
>> Best of the Best Gallery on Flickr <<

Starting a new gallery to highlight the 18 best photos from some of my favorite photographers. If you don't follow these guys, start! It will only house one photo from some select contacts - so will probably change as they create even better works of beauty. I can't fit everyone in here, so I have to be very picky on who gets in!

I wanted to highlight a balance of nature, landscape and portrait - all things that influence my shooting. And they were not chosen on beauty alone, but also for the technical merit that had to be employed to take the shot (use of light, space, post work, natural color, what have you).

Also, I may highlight different photographers at different times, so I don't mean anything negative if I remove your photo in here to replace it with one from another artist. I want to use this to mark my current 18 favorite photos in all of Flickr!

If one of your shots is in here, what are YOUR thoughts on this pick from your stream? Check it out for all the detailed descriptions here.

Statues at The Gallery
photo gallery
Image by 8mm & Other Stuff
The Lady Lever Gallery In Port Sunlight -Free entry just pop a couple of £ in the collection box when leaving It had a Van Gogh and Gauguin: two self-portraits on display they Had reflective glass covering so I could get really close and see the brush strokes of these famous artists -Out of Respect I didn't take a photo although I did ask and was able to Photograph Most Things -there is also a Cafe and Shop


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