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Mavericks minus tide twilight

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Mavericks minus tide twilight
photo processing
Image by j-dub1980(THANK YOU FOR 100k+ Views)
Maverick colors saturated the tide pools as the sun set below the horizon and i set up my shot with my tripod securing the camera and my knees in wet sand. Pillar Point harbor has a killer reef half a mile offshore that sets up some of the biggest waves in northern california and north america during the winter(up to 80 ft swells under epic conditions). Mavericks surf competition is a world renown contest held here at this beach hosting some of the craziest and best surfers in the world! On this particular day the tide was low and the reef was exposing some beautiful sea creatures catching sun rays in the tide pools. The full moon was taking the reigns in the evening sky, as the sun had set about 15 mins prior. As I watched Venus rise over the western sky i noticed a light haze of fog and clouds offshore trap remaining solar rays causing amazing color gradients across the wet sand and rocky reefs along the beach. I framed my shot, prepared to shoot multiple exposures in order to capture the range of color and light seen through my viewfinder and in my minds eye and let my alpha do the rest. in total i shot six consecutive exposures at 2 seconds each at F16 and F25, chose the desired shots during the workflow, edited each in adobe CS(noise ninja), blended exposures in photomatix pro for 1st round of fusion and tone mapping, save data & transfer to adobe CS for round 2 of detailed processing(curves,color balance, levels etc), followed by multiple rounds between photomatix and creative suite. The results are above, i am pleased with the HDR processing, i tried not to go overboard with the processing. For the record, Most of the the HDR tone mapping was done using tools in good old photoshop. I used Photomatix for the exposure fusion, blending images together and basic tone mapping as a set up for the big tweaks in Adobe Creative Suite. I am glad with the clarity and sharpness in this image, i was trying to avoid the "painterly or rugged HDR" and instead translate the dynamic colors and light seen by my eye which the camera is incapable of capturing alone.

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__Image details__
HDR composite
4 images blended together
(4)x 2 secs each total exposure length 8 secs
aperture f 25/f16
manual exp
focal length 24mm
spot metering
ISO 200
tripod mounted

Jason Jenkins

Surface of the sun
photo processing
Image by kevin dooley
Fisheye2 camera with Lomography color slide film cross-processed. (Explore)

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