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Daily App Experiment #106: "Bi Cycle"

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Daily App Experiment #106: "Bi Cycle"
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Image by docpop
Daily App Experiment #106: "Bi Cycle" - Cropped the photo and added a border with #camera+, then did additional editing in the Lo-Mob app. Then I used #ColorSplash to remove the color from all of the image except for the bike. The effect is particularly subtle in this image, but I like it. I then brought the image back into Camera+ and added another with border with rounded edges, which makes the previous border look cooler. #daily_appsperiment #appsperiment #lomob

Orange Crêpe Paper - Brian Eno Speaker Flowers Sound Installation at Marlborough House
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Image by Dominic's pics
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Backlit orange crêpe paper over a window. A composite image combining three focal depths to preserve detail in most parts of the image.

See also the related "Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings" set, - an exhibition that ran concurrently at Fabrica Gallery during the festival.

This image is part of a set of photos of the Brian Eno Speaker Flowers Sound Installation at Marlborough House (and also of the house itself) on the Old Steine, Brighton, East sussex, UK. The exhibition was presented by Fabrica Art Gallery, as part of the Brighton Festival, May 2010. The installation includes the poems and words of Rick Holland.

The Grade I listed house was built circa 1765 , purchased at one time by the Duke of Marlborough, and substantially remodelled by the Scottish architect Robert Adam.

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Marlborough House (My Brighton and Hove)
The Architecture of Robert Adam (1728-1792) from RCAHMS (the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland)
Humberts Leisure Brochure on property [.pdf download]

Some of the photos in this set are presented in multiple versions made possible using HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography - these variations are displayed with more than one exposure, gamma, "local adaptation" compression or "unsharp mask" process.

Many rooms had their windows screened using coloured Crêpe paper / tissue paper. This gave their illumination a colour cast - which has been exaggerated (or neutralised) on an image by image basis. The actual experience of the coloured light was one of only a slight and soft hue.

In some instances the photos have modified to give an architectural, classical, "two-point" perspective - with forced, parallel verticals.

One Less _ _ _
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Image by Bejan
I saw this when I got home this morning and instantly though of "one less car". I love this image because it almost feels like nature is pleading for one less.

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