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Developing seeds that meet the needs of local farmers
photo development
Image by Gates Foundation
Koblah Agbeta holds up rice seeds from his farm in Abutia Kpota, Ghana. Quality seeds are critical for a good harvest. But hundreds of millions of farmers throughout Africa lack access to seeds that can withstand the harsh conditions they often face. As a result, they get poor yields, low incomes, and insufficient nutrition. The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is working to help change this through The Program for Africa's Seed Systems (PASS). (Abutia Kpota, Ghana, 2010)

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Développer des semences qui répondent aux besoins des agriculteurs locaux

Koblah Agbeta présente des semences de riz provenant de son exploitation à Abutia Kpota, au Ghana. Des semences de qualité sont essentielles pour assurer une bonne récolte. Mais des centaines de millions d'agriculteurs dans toute l'Afrique n'ont pas accès à des semences qui peuvent résister aux conditions difficiles auxquelles ils sont souvent confrontés. En conséquence, ils obtiennent des rendements médiocres, de faibles revenus, et une alimentation insuffisante. L'Alliance pour une révolution verte en Afrique (AGRA) s'emploie à aider à changer cela à travers le Programme du Système des Semences en Afrique (PASS). (Kpota Abutia, Ghana, 2010)

O desenvolvimento de sementes que vêm de encontro às necessidades dos agricultores locais

Koblah Agbeta ergue entre as mãos sementes de arroz da quinta dele em Abutia Kpota, Gana. Possuir sementes de qualidade é crítico para uma boa colheita. Mas centenas de milhares de agricultores pela África fora não têm acesso a sementes que consigam sobreviver às condições severas que frequentemente enfrentam. Como resultado, recebem rendimentos pobres, salários baixos e nutrição insuficiente. A Aliança por uma Revolução Verde em África - The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) - está a trabalhar no sentido de mudar esta situação através do Programa para o Sistema de Sementes da África - The Program for Africa's Seed Systems (PASS). (Abutia Kpota, Gana, 2010)


科布拉∙阿格贝塔捧起来自他在加纳阿布提亚科波塔农场的大米种子。优良的种子是丰收的关键。但是在整个非洲,成千上万的农民缺乏获得能抵御恶劣条件种子的途径。因此,他们只能收获很少的产量,很低的收入和不充足的营养。非洲绿色革命联盟(AGRA)正在通过非洲种子系统方案(PASS)来帮助改变这种现状。(阿布提亚科波塔, 加纳,2010)

Helping small farmers protect crops from disease
photo development
Image by Gates Foundation
Dr.Anton Bua demonstrates different types of infected cassava plants. Dr. Bua is the team leader in cassava research at the National Crops Resources Research Institute in Uganda. They're studying ways to help protect cassava - a critical source of food and income - from two spreading pandemics that are decimating up to 70 percent of crop yields. Local farmers will gain increased access to improved cassava varieties that are adapted to local conditions, resist diseases and have higher yields. (Namulonge, Uganda, 2009)

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The unpredictable nature of poverty
photo development
Image by Gates Foundation
A young girl sells food at a local market in the Village of Chiromawa. New research is changing how we understand what it means to be poor. Incomes of those living in poverty are not only low but are also irregular and unpredictable. One day a person may earn several dollars, while the next three days they earn nothing. They don't have a steady flow of cash for day-to-day living, to make investments, pay bills, or plan for the future. (Kano State, Nigeria, 2010)

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