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Ypres Tower Stock

Check out these i stock photo images:

Ypres Tower Stock
i stock photo
Image by rubyblossom.

~~~~~~***Please, feel free to use my Textures, Backgrounds, Stock, etc., in your Artwork.
If you do use them, I would love it if you would please post your work in my group, Ruby's Treasures.

...Please DO NOT redistribute as your own...

To see my full Photo Stock Set please visit Here

Rocky Cracks
i stock photo
Image by ArtByChrysti
You have permission to use these textures freely when you incorporate them into your non-profit artwork, please be sure to follow the terms below:

- Image must be altered/incorporated into your artwork in some way.

- Please credit/link to me when using my textures.

Copy & paste this code for an easy credit:
<b>FREE Textures </b>provided by: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrysti/">Chrysti </a>

- If you wish to sell your images using these, please contact me for written permission first: note I will ask to see the finished work, and your use (print, article, etc) before granting permission.

Under NO circumstances may these textures be used for:

- CD collections that you sell, website stock that you offer, collage sheets or any other collection whether for profit, or not.

- Website backgrounds, sold, offered or used as an individual image. Link to my set if you wish to share these with others :-)

One last important note:

Only the images in my photostream with the terms of use clearly stated, and a CC license applied to them, are offered for your use. All other photos and artwork are off-limits for any downloading. I retain all copyrights to my work. Thanks!

If you use these, I'd love to see how! Feel free to leave a SMALL sized photo with it in my comments so I can visit easily!

Hope they inspire you & happy creating!

Thank You. Have a question? Just ask!

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