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Cool Family Photo images

A few nice family photo images I found:

family build society
family photo
Image by Jen Son
Family is the base of the society. @CWB
Canon EOS 5DmkII + Arax T&S 35mm F2.8 MC

one of my night shot

Dad's father in 1923
family photo
Image by Patrick Q
Thanks to of bedbugs and bad habits for reworking this one. My father's youngest brother passed away this month. Dad and I sorted through my uncle's things - in his FEMA trailer and in the remains of his home (not much left), flooded during Hurricane Katrina. I found this photograph in the old house. I think it's the only remaining photograph of my paternal grandfather, so I was very happy to find it had survived, tucked into the top drawer of an old filing cabinet above the flood line. My dad lost his photos of him when my childhood home burned in 2001. This is "Papa's" high school senior portrait, taken in 1923. "Papa" was born Hiram Young Q. in 1903. He left school for family reasons and graduated with a later class. He later changed his name to William Hiram Q. Dad and my brother Will are his namesakes.

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