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Look Ma, No Borders on Photos and Sets are Now on the Right

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Look Ma, No Borders on Photos and Sets are Now on the Right
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Image by Thomas Hawk
Last week I wrote about some major redesign efforts that were scheduled to go on over at Flickr this week per the Flickr Blog and about an hour ago they hit.

Following are my observations on the new site redesign based on a quick and initial review. I'll try to update my thoughts on the redesign in more depth later.

1. Flickr is out of Beta. Gone is the familar beta bug next to the flickr name and in it's place is a Gamma bug. Somebody has a sense of humor.

2. Instead of the familiar menu at the top of a page of Photos: "Yours," "Upload," "Organize," "Your Contacts," and "Explore" you now get nice little ajaxy pull down menus that include "You" "Organize" "Contacts" "Groups" and "Explore"

3. The "Organize" section seems to have been, enhance, simplified and works smoother.

4. Overall the design and user interface feels more elegant. It is hard to describe why this is the case, it is just a feel.

5. Search has been improved. Included are now ways to filter search by Creative Commons license (helpful for both commercial and non commercial concerns looking to find images to use). Also, the default search results are now fetched back by "most relevant" (a new category) rather than by "most recent." "Most recent" photos for a search were frequently less interesting photos. You still have an option to change your search to "most recent," but "most relevant" is a much better way to showcase the best photos that flickr has to offer. I'm still not sure how "most relevant" differs from "most interesting" but will look into this. While the "most relevant" pictures are indeed an improvement over "most recent," they are still not quite as good as "most interesting" in my opinion. But it's a step in the right direction.

There are also new and additional ways to filter search for groups. You can sort your group search results by "most recent activity" "group size" and "date created."

click here to keep reading: thomashawk.com/2006/05/flickr-officially-out-of-beta-goes...

Lacing Pillow
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Image by Bonnetmaker
Detail from an Illustration by Henry Holiday (cut by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark, 1876.

273    The Boots and the Broker were sharpening a spade--
274        Each working the grindstone in turn:
275    But the Beaver went on making lace, and displayed
276        No interest in the concern:

277    Though the Barrister tried to appeal to its pride,
278        And vainly proceeded to cite
279    A number of cases, in which making laces
280        Had been proved an infringement of right.

Why should a peaceful activity like lace-making have "proved an infringement of right"? The Beaver's "lace-making" may have been used to symbolize dissection in context with C. L. Dodgson's (aka Lewis Carroll's) involvement in the vivisection debate.

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