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Under a Blood Red Moon

A few nice image upload images I found:

Under a Blood Red Moon
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Image by onkel_wart (thomas lieser)
That was my original comment: Well -- I know this is not really good -- it's just my first try at pictures like this.....

Uploaded the full version on 2008/07/08 (wasn't pro when I first uploaded it) -- cropped it square besides.

Reduced maximum resolution to 1280x1280


184/365 Money money money
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Image by david anderson : da-photography
A section of an image of coins that I took today, one of my sample image uploads for istockphoto.

You have no idea how long I sat polishing these blighters with Brasso - just hope it will be worth it...

Strobist: 430EXII left in a 40cm softbox at 1/32nd:24mm.

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