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pyramid film company, dayton, ohio
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Image by vistavision
Stock prospectus of the Pyramid Film Company of Dayton, Ohio, 1921. It appears they did make some movies, mostly cartoons, but the studio was never built and Dayton never became a Midwestern Hollywood. If by chance, you know something about this company, let me know.

The Pyramid Film Company, an Ohio Corporation chartered in 1915, has passed through the preliminary stages of organization and experiment into the period of stability, rapid growth and exceptional profit making. To the people of Dayton this Company now for the first time extends an opportunity to participate in the tremendous profits of the Motion Picture Industry, through a local organization, thoroughly established, capably managed, ad with a practically unlimited field for immediate expansion. Carefully consider the remarkable facts concerning this Company's growth and prospects contained in the following pages and then COME IN WITH US "ON THE GROUND FLOOR."

Times Square in LA
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Image by Stuck in Customs
It's a poor-man's Times Square... LA's attempt to make a cool hip place outside of the Staples center is the Nokia Blade Runner-esque montage of crass commercialism... It seems like a very strange place to me - it was pretty empty when I was there.

See it large on the blog at stuckincustoms.com/2008/06/02/times-square-in-la/

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