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Times Square, New York

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Times Square, New York
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Image by JetpacApp
Edited photo from the photo booth at Jetpac's Launch Party on April 4th.
Background photo by Trey Ratcliff

Jetpac is making travel fun again.

Website: www.jetpac.com
Blog: www.blog.jetpac.com
Twitter: @JetpacApp
Instagram: @JetpacApp

May 15th 2009 - Mobile
photo editing websites
Image by Stephen Poff
Today was spent editing and meeting about some new projects. I'm doing a little trade with a local agency... I'm doing some photography in exchange for a more professional website. I could probably do it myself, but frankly... I know I'll never stop to do it, so I thought it would be a win win for both of us. I'm looking to create a portfolio/blog site where I can display some of my work in a more presentable way.

Speaking of blogs, I've been reading Chase Jarvis' blog for a while and have been fascinated by his use of the iPhone camera lately. Every time I look at his stuff though... I can't help but think that he's processing it somehow, cause my iPhone photos are usually a bit washed out. So I looked through the App Store and am trying out some of the photo processing programs on there. I might do an iPhone 365 week soon if I like the results... maybe. This is an example of one of those programs.

This evening I took photos of Clarissa and her friends before they went to prom. I was feeling generous and made packages to give to all of them before they returned. Had to print them at CVS though... which gave them a weird color cast... but they didn't mind.

After prom they all went to Ixtapa where Tam and I followed and had a meal ourselves.

Stephen Poff
Filmmaker/Photographer/Graphic Artist

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