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Image by 1D110

Hard and soft - dark and bright
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Image by NeeZhom Photomalaya

A Textured photo. All photos shot by me and processed in PS. All are from nature, only i add lighting effect ;) This is a composition, the concept is like people took variety of trees and composed them in a garden ;) Yes it's still not so realistic, but i just want it to look interesting (for me la, i hope same with you huhu)

Textures from www.cgtextures.com/ . Or you can shoot by yourself on any surface that has texture that you like. I just wanna save time here :)

Comments and critics about the photo are welcomed (not about the photographer) . PLEASE, no multivitamins in your comments :D. Thanx so much and have great days ahead :)

More photos on my website = www.photomalaya.com

My Facebook = www.facebook.com/Neezhom

For whom that like photo manipulation, you can check out my friend's photostream, his name is Nikos Daskalakis. His works really amazed me :D

Thanx for all comments and faves, all the best. Have nice days ahead! We're all belong to each other and came from same father and mother (Adam and Eve), so peace and justice for all :)

"O God You do not create this to waste , The Exalted One please protect us from hellfire" Subhanallah .......

search image
Image by 1D110
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