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Expanding knowledge and opportunity to rural areas

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Expanding knowledge and opportunity to rural areas
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Image by Gates Foundation
Australia's Northern Territory is a hot, vast land. More than twice the size of Germany but with a total population of only 200,000, the Territory is home to some 60,000 indigenous people. For many people living in rural areas, geography represents a barrier to knowledge and opportunity—but access to information technology can help them bridge the gap. Australia's Northern Territory Library system, recipient of the 2007 Access to Learning Award (ATLA), is working hard to provide some of the nation's most remote libraries with free training and access to computers and the Internet. These skills and tools are providing indigenous people with a new way to connect to the past—and to engage in the present. (Northern Territory, Australia, 2007)

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Automation & Bibliographic Control staff, Ohio University's Alden Library, 1999
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Image by Ohio University Libraries
Image taken for 30th anniversary of Alden Library; Identified Tech Services employees include: Anita Baird, Pat Born, Lynnette Brown, Teresa Brown, Suzy Chesser, Lois Coutant, Martha Crabtree, Gloria Devol, Marine Dillon, David Dudding, Michael Farmer, Florence Grueser, Huang Hai, Betty Hoffmann-Pinther, Swee-Lan Quah, Sharon Lamb, Craig Mehr, David Miller, Dan Olson, William Rhinehart, Judy Rich, Esther Schanzenbach, Suzie Sorden, Wei Yan, Zhiyong Tian.

Part of 1999 project to document the various library departments for Alden Library's 30th anniversary. Each department had a group photo and description in the library newsletter.

Below is from the library's newsletter, Intercom:

Automation & Bibliographic Control (ABC)
This area of the Library (formerly Technical Services) has seen great changes since 1969 when it first moved from Chubb Hall. Originally a mirror image of its current physical arrangement, Cataloging was where Ordering and Oval are. Mildred Dugas was the Head of Technical Services at the time, which consisted of several departments: Acquisitions, Serials, Cataloging, Binding, Interlibrary Loan and Physical Processing.

The move from Chubb was accomplished by labeling everything with colored stickers, then rolling the works down stairs on a sort of conveyor. Books in Cataloging were taken off shelves and put in boxes, labeled, then rolled down the stairs to the entrance on Court Street. There, boxes were placed on flatbed wagons pulled by tractors, which then circled around to Park Place and unloaded into Alden. As this occurred, staff was expected to continue working (assumedly until they took your desk and chair!) With all this confusion, very little was misplaced, and nothing was lost.

From 1969 to 1971 staff was reduced by 22 positions to 59, in June of 1973 the staff was reduced again to 38; while all along the production of the staff increased due to OCLC and our different procedural changes. Most of the positions eliminated were in the lower clerical levels. Today, 29 staff members work in ABC. Additionally, many staff throughout the Library can trace their beginnings to ABC.

In 1969, cataloging was recorded onto a form, from which cards created, then photocopied for the various card catalogs around the library. Most cataloging staff had the added responsibility of filing in the card catalog, although primarily, student were hired and trained for filing. Only one complete catalog existed on the fourth floor, which complicated the work of patrons and staff. One would often find oneself going from the seventh floor back to the fourth floor for information only available in the main catalog. Discussions at the time included the concepts of a card catalog on each floor. This idea was discarded as being too labor intensive. Who would file all those cards?

It was soon after the move into Alden Library that efforts/talks began with Mr. Fred Kilgore, the founder of OCLC, although the decision to participate in the OCLC project goes back to 1967. The OCLC system was conceived to be a total system on which the entire technical operations eventually would be based. The Cataloging staff has felt very fortunate in having played an important role in the very beginning of OCLC. We input the first record into the OCLC database and have the distinction of having brought the system to a halt with that record. We tried to enter some German spelling, which was not received in a friendly way by the system.

In 1981 negotiations began with Virginia Tech. Library System (VTLS), going on-line in 1983 with circulation and cataloging activities. We named this system ALICE. Subsequently, we were among 17 institutions to begin, in 1993, the OhioLINK system and ALICE II.

Many efforts at reorganizing this area have occurred since 1969. ABC currently consists of six units: Ordering, Cataloging, Receiving/Bindery, Accounting, Physical Processing and Technical Support. Technical support is broken down to two areas of responsibility, one group of staff deal with OCLC and the ALICE system, while a separate group of staff deal with all the microcomputers, servers, printers, etc. The technology support unit was created in 1993 to help with the equipment and the network. At that time, there were 50 computers in the area, now there are over 300.

Automation/technology continue to force upon us constant change, continually moving to bring about the full potential of the various systems that we must deal with in the age of technology. To that end our area continues to make the term "streamline" an ever-present activity. It seems difficult to forecast the future challenges for this area, but certainly the staff have shown that they're up to whatever comes.

[List of employees, at that time, and start year]
Anita Baird (1976)
Patricia Born (1980)
Lynette Brown (1986)
Teresa Brown (1979)
Susan Chesser (1987)
Lois Coutant (1971)
Martha Crabtree (1966)
Gloria Devol (1970)
Marine Dillon (1986)
David Dudding (1984)
Michael Farmer (1989)
Florence Grueser (1987)
Betty Hoffman[n]-Pinther (1968)
Sharon Lamb (1972)
Craig Mehr (1993)
David Miller (1968)
Melyn Odenthal (1989) [not pictured]
Dan Olson (1982)
Swee-Lan Quah (1981)
William Rhinehart (1983)
Judy Rich (1985)
Esther Schanzenbach (1971)
Barry Scott (1970) [not pictured]
Sandra Seeley (1985) [not pictured]
Mary Kay Six (1980) [not pictured]
Mary Ann Sorden (1981)
Zhiyong Tian (1997)
Karen Thompson (1980) [not pictured]
Wei Yan (1996)

Alden Library site: www.library.ohiou.edu/.

See more historic images of Alden Library: media.library.ohiou.edu/

Three boys dressed as a cowboys with their horses: Saint Petersburg, Florida
photo library
Image by State Library and Archives of Florida
Local call number: c008311a

Title: [Three boys dressed as a cowboys with their horses: Saint Petersburg, Florida]

Date: Photographed on November 5, 1947.

Physical descrip: 1 photoprint : b&w ; 3 x 3 in.

Series Title: (Commerce Collection.)

General note: From l to r: Robbie Green, Bill Mead, and Jackie Sellner.

Repository: State Library and Archives of Florida, 500 S. Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 USA. Contact: 850-245-6700. Archives@dos.state.fl.us

Persistent URL: www.floridamemory.com/items/show/67862

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