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Nice Photo Share photos

A few nice photo share images I found:

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Image by clickykbd
According to this photo, my optical mouse data LED appears to strobe @ at least 120htz. ;-) It also kinda feels like what an alien half-pipe might look at if they were into intergalactic cosmic skateboarding.

This photo was created as part of a multi-photographer Camera Toss Group collaboration.

The pattern primitive image used with permission and under the terms of the Creative Commons; Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 2.0 license.

See Shared Source Collaboration #1 and results.
See also all results of such themes.

photo share
Image by PaintedWorksByKB
New texture for you. Just link back so I can see your work and give credit to PaintedWorks.

Detail of a door found in Vernazza, Italy. Yes, I drove everyone crazy stopping to take photos of "textures".

More textures can be found in the Textures to Share Set.

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