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Streaming Light

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Streaming Light
photo lighting
Image by Stuck in Customs
Sunset at the gatehouse at Angkor Wat

My Wild River Of Gold…!!!
photo lighting
Image by Denis Collette...!!!
On Explore!!! February 11, 2008! #171
Thank you very much to all of you my dear Flickr friends for your so kind comments...!!!

My Wild River Reflection…!!!

To follow the light with my camera is like to love… all is done here and now… !!! This is not the pursuit of absolute happiness or perfection or waiting for ideal conditions or to dream of a paradise… no… to follow the light is to be closer and to walk through the external obstacles or difficulties… right in the middle… it’s like to take the train running…!!! To dream to a paradise would be and is the hell for me…!!! It’s like to live on credit ... or like to live tomorrow… a complete nonsense…!!! To follow the light here and now is not a fixed point… it’s a process, a future who is now and will be…!!! My sweet friend Venkane let me a wonderful comment… the first thing we see at our birth is the light and it’ll be the last thing we ‘ll see a our death…!!! I love this comment…!!! … Who said …and after your death…??? …No time to lost with the non-reality… I’ve to follow my fabulous wild river of gold now… !!! …Life isn’t she wonderful… with difficulties or not… wild or not…???

Sting… Fields Of Gold…!!!

Vintage Style Girl Sitting in Soft Light
photo lighting
Image by © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography
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