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Some cool photo ideas images:

Upcycled Plastic Milk Bottle into Container ~ 1 of 6 photos
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Image by Urban Woodswalker
I found this idea in Family Fun Magazine. Here is the tutorial from Family Fun Magazine:


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Giant Wood Nymph Butterfly
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Image by IronRodArt - Royce Bair ("Star Shooter")
I thought I might brighten up our day with a "Spring"-like photo. This Giant Wood Nymph Butterfly (Idea leuconoe) was photographed in a huge walk-in terrarium at Reiman Gardens on the campus of Iowa State University. This butterfly is also called the Giant Tree Nymph, Paper Kite and Rice Paper Butterfly.

FREE for Personal Use Downloads: This image is offered through a Creative Commons license. You can also obtain PRINTS or a commercial use license (and even larger downloads) at my SmugMug site. NOTE: Personal use requires attribution (credit ''Royce Bair'') and a link to my Web site: ''The Stock Solution'' -- where you can also find many more free downloads.

10/365 January 10 - Variation on a Theme (Based on 'Lifesavers, 1930' by Ruth Bernhard)
photo ideas
Image by Sharon Drummond
This is not my idea. Let's be perfectly clear on that. This is based upon a photo by Ruth Bernhard. You can see her brilliant image here: www.soulcatcherstudio.com/exhibitions/favorites/bernhard_... .

In fact, I didn't even come up with the idea to pay homage to this idea! A couple of other fine Flickr folk have done it, including Gixster92 and blackhatspider . But when I was playing with candy necklace pieces for my dailyshoot photo today, the light caught one just right and I was reminded of the image. I decided to go ahead and give it a try myself.

So thank you, Ruth Bernhard. And thank you Gixster92, since your image was actually the one that introduced me to Bernhard's. I liked this better in B&W, but decided that was just a bit too close to ripping off Bernhard entirely, so I left it in colour.

Submitted for Shuttersalt Week 9 : Imitation (I was in China when this one was posted, and just stumbled across it. This image obviously fits!)
"What photographer has you in awe every time you view their work? Is it one of the greats who are studied in every photography 101 class, or is it a Flickr user you've just discovered? Whoever it is, test out your hand at looking at the world through their eyes -- try to capture either a subject you know they'd photograph, or the lighting, composition, movement and other elements that define their photos. Stretch the sides of your own box by exiting it completely for awhile, see what bits and pieces of their style you might want to adopt, or perhaps better see elements of your own style that you didn't realize were yours."

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