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Gifts from wedding couple, part 1

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Gifts from wedding couple, part 1
photo gifts
Image by Lee Bennett
A very close friend was married this past weekend in a ceremony that included components of Native American traditions. It was a fabulous event to witness. Part of the tradition included the couple giving symbolic gifts to the guests. Vergy's gift to the women, as well as to five of us men who are close to her and would 'get' what these items meant, was this vessel of water, a candle/votive, stones, and a chime (seen in the next photo). Her husband's gift was a fishhook and spinner engraved with the wedding date and placed in a bag with a label reading, "Catch Yourself a Keeper." I felt these gifts were extremely well-thought and significant.

Gifts - 我最近收到的眾多禮物。
photo gifts
Image by KlaireLee
When Carol had a trip to Okinawa, she sent a postcard to me.
I also got a postcard from Andytn when he cycled around Taiwan.

EbiTasha bought me the funny poker which called “鷓鴣菜“.
Stephenlee gave me a special strap for my camera.

The door mat of 7-11 OPEN - chan was from Sunline.
And the flip flops, card reader, and all the other things of OPEN - chan were from Jenhsiou.

Thank you all.
I'm so happy to get all these gifts.
I love them so much. :D


Day 248 - Thoughtful gifts, Salvadoran style
photo gifts
Image by LShave
Last night, after we finished testing the lights at the stadium, I got a ride with the engineers as far as Arambala, where I paid Melinda a surprise visit. She was exuberant, as unplanned visits between us are generally impossible, given that we are subject to bus schedules. This morning, we talked about some of the ways that our relationship will change when we are both back in the United States. One thing that we don't plan on changing very much, however, is the type of gifts we exchange.

Here I've made a collage of nine of the gifts I have received from Melinda, most of which she made herself, and a couple of which she made from trash. Scroll your mouse over the photo to see a description of each item.

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