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Baby Elephant meets the herd

Some cool baby picture images:

Baby Elephant meets the herd
baby picture
Image by trickydevil
Taken at the Elephant Nature Park outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, in October 2007. "Ele" was born in the jungle. Her mom was (is) a trekking elephant. When she was born she rolled down the side of a hill and was left without her mother for hours until her mother's mahoot found mom and baby. They were immediately taken to Elephant Nature Park, a safe haven for elephants in Thailand, where Ele was cared for by volunteers around the clock - feeding her, helping her walk, and swatting away flies. In this picture, Ele is being greeted by her grandmother, who happens to be a permanent resident at the park.

baby picture
Image by joshunter
What bizarre little things babies are. I mean, really, what's going on in their heads?

Visiting a friend in Falmouth and his host mom asked if I'd take a few pictures of their son. So I did. Just bizarre, funny little things.

Newport Aquarium - Fluffy Brown Baby Penguins Up Close
baby picture
Image by ♥ Crystal Writer ♥
This was a better shot of the baby penguins. I think they said they were already about 2 years old and would be fluffy for another year or so yet.

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