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Team Warren Christmas Card

Check out these photo christmas card images:

Team Warren Christmas Card
photo christmas card
Image by Brian Warren
A bit late getting our Christmas Card photo taken, but we're all for Christmas being 12 days long, so we feel we have plenty of time to get it sent off!

Gift card to shopping nirvana
photo christmas card
Image by chemisti
Just a few snapshots of our little family enjoying the season. While they are not spectacular, they are greatly improved over the blue tinged, harshly shadowed, redeyed, nasty flash I used to use.

Technique: Similar to this Strobist blog post.

More images in this series.

Strobist info:
1 - SB-600 into 43" convertible umbrella (used conventionally) on 10' Amvona light stand
1 - SB-600, wide diffuser fired at the ceiling
1 - SB-800 with diffuser cap, used as master and for fill.
All triggered via CLS.
All gelled with 1/2 CTO to get close to the ambient.

Variety of settings used, but generally:
D300 - manual mode
F2.8 - F5.6
1/160 - 1/250
ISO 400 - 800
(Hey, a little experimentation going on here!)

Finally figured out that it is better to shoot with camera on manual mode even though CLS does the exposure work!

Ruelle de Noël - Montréal, Québec, Canada
photo christmas card
Image by Marie Berne

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