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Sea World San Antonio Map

A few nice change background image images I found:

Sea World San Antonio Map
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Image by Digi_shot
Plan your trip, buy your tickets online, have fun and enjoy! This is the 4th of July 2009 map and things won't likely to be change anytime soon so you can base off of it to plan your vacation. Feel free to contact me so I can add your link (images) to the location I've missed. Artwork is the property of SeaWorld San Antonio.

DSP 111: Green 2007-09-05
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Image by vernhart
Contemplative vern.

The only editing of this photo was to change the color of the background. I like my orange walls but am a little tired of the monotonous backgrounds in my photos.

change background image
Image by gurana
Fairly straightforward clone job.

Camera set up: Tripod, remote, and set to Av... I did that in an attempt to mitigate any variations resulting from the auto focus. Un-fortunately, I set the aperature too low as the sutter speed was slow enough that many of the shots I took had considerable motion blur. I'm thinking that perhaps I should've opened it up a little more. A better flash than the built-in would've been good too. Perhaps if I could've bounced light off the ceiling, the shadows I projected wouldn't have been an issue.

This image was from three different pictures. One of just the room, and one each (obviously) of the different poses. Each figure was then selected, along with their shadows. To do the selection:

-Do a rough select around the object using the free-select too.
-Toggle quick mask on shift-q
-using the paint brush, paint with black (will show up red) all the areas you don't want to select
-once you're done, toggle quick mask off (shift-q). This should leave you with the area you want to have selected.
-In this case, I feathered the selection (Select>Feather... choose amount in pixels)
-copy, paste, choose layer>New Layer, and the recently pasted image will be its own layer.

After both figures were placed on the blank background, I checked around the edges to see if anything that got copied wasn't lining up. There were a few cases where the pillows got jostled, so i used a combo of heal and clone tool to fix. These fixes are obvious upon close inspection. A better alternative would've been to extend the selection from the 'figure image' until it matched the background image. I couldn't do that in this case because the lighting was too different. The solution to that issue would be to figure out how to take pictures where the lighting doesn't vary so dramatically, or make them match in gimp.

Then I just merged the layers, played around with levels and curves. After that, in an attempt to gloss over some of the remaining discrepencies in lighting, I copied the layer, made it b&w (desaturate), and changed the mode to 'hard light'.

I'm doing a few of these from different poses, if you want to check my photostream.

If you have any suggestions on how this could've been done better, I'd love to hear them in comments.

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